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Welcome to Brandphilic™ Brand Communications and Consulting Services

What Is Brandphilic?

Brandphilic is a proprietary approach to Brand Communications based on the simple idea that people do business with people they like.

Based on nearly two decades of experience in  brand communications and creative strategy, I developed the Brandphilic as a means of building a consistent, positive association with every aspect of your brand. Why is this important? Simply put, studies show that people consistently choose to do business with people they ‘like’ – or have a positive association with – even ahead of reasonable differences in price or product offering.

By employing the Brandphilic approach, I fix the number one problem that most brands have, but often attribute to other factors – namely that their potential or current customers either do not understand what is the brand’s unique value and offerings ( think USP), or that their perception of the brand is less than positive.

Why is Positive Brand Association Critical to Long Term Success?

When the perception of a brand is less than positive, their is less trust in that brand’s ability to deliver what a potential client or customer might needs. That lack of trust then causes a potential customer to either try and justify doing business with the brand in question by negotiating a lower price for the product or service, or worse, views the brand as a parity provider of whatever the product or service might be.  When a business is perceived (and your Brand is only that – the way in which people think about, or perceive you), then the only credible point of differentiation becomes one of price.  And when you are in a constant price war, your profit margins must continually shrink in order to remain competitive. Eventually, your brand will die a slow and painful death.

So What Can You Do to Avoid This?

Tell a Different Story. And that’s where I can help.

Using the Brandphilic approach I will dig into your business and help you unearth and define your true Unique Selling Proposition, or USP – the thing that drives your brand and truly sets you apart. From there, I will develop a messaging strategy designed to create a consistently positive association with your brand that can be used effectively across all media platforms.

Once this Brand Environment is created, customers will understand what you offer, think of you often, even when they are not currently in the market for what you offer and, over time, actively seek out your brand communications.

As people typically do not like to be constantly ‘sold’, this approach puts them at ease – think ‘telling, not selling’. What’s more, because the Brandphilic approach is at its core a brand philosophy that works best with full transparency, you will become more ‘human’, and forge a deeper connection and real sense of trust with your current and potential customers, making occasional sales more effective, conversion rates higher, and most importantly, enables you to build a strong customer base over time.

Brandphilic Will NOT:

  • Help Overnight. It is not a quick fix; it’s a way of doing business.
  • Put You On The Front Page Of Google Overnight. (That will happen over time, though.)
  • Get your Phone to Ring Off The Hook With New Leads.

Brandphilic Will Help You:

  • Build a Fiercely Loyal Customer Base Over Time
  • Mitigate Attrition
  • Make Your Offers More Effective
  • Make is Easier To Close Sales
  • Allow You To Actually Lower Your Media Buys Over Time
  • Keep Your Profit Margins Healthy
  • Keep You From Being ‘Always On Sale’
  • Make Your Business More Stable, Consistent and Less Vulnerable To The Ups and Downs of The Marketplace
  • Create a Strong and Effective Positive Brand Presence That Will Put You First In The Minds Of Your Customers So That When They’re Ready For What You Offer, You’re ALREADY in their Minds in the Best Possible Light.

I’m Here To Help:

Using the Brandphilic approach I offer both consulting and creative services designed to help your Brand – Be it Personal or a Product or Service – move achieve and maintain a persistent positive association in the minds of the people you want to reach.

Although I work on a by-project basis, I usually end up partnering with clients over time. Depending on your particular situation and needs, I can provide initial consulting and ongoing guidance as needed via retainer or work with you more directly by creating the strategic brand communications and direction needed to help your business maintain a positive and strong presence in the marketplace, shift your internal culture toward an honest understanding of your brand value, and maintain a loyal and growing customer base over the long term.

If you feel you are in need of assistance, that you’ve become lost in the marketplace and find yourself always running specials, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below. I’m always happy to help.

I offer a free 30 minute initial consultation, am available by phone, Skype or in-person based on availability, and look forward to hearing from you.


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