If in your Heart
There Lies an Ache
To Say
What you Do Feel

If True will Grow
Even if You
In Darkness
Try Conceal

For Truth, You See’s
A Fertile thing
Imbued with Life
And Might.

And True Ideas
Like Redwood Seeds
Can Grow
To Stagg’ring Height

The True Idea
Is Threatening
To Those who Run
The Show

Modern Herods
Try Kill It
‘Fore it Grow

Limit, They Try,
What Can be Said,
De Facto

A Public Square
Of Cancel-Shame
If Dare Your Truth
Let Slip

“It’s For the Good of All”
They Claim,
Yet Alone Define
Those Terms

And Try to Keep
Truth Below,
With Worms

But That’s a Fruitless Task,
You See,
Like Rhizomes
Truth Does Spread

That Single Sprout
They Watch For
Will Emerge as Field

And if Expression
Of One’s True-Held
Truth Does
Truly Cease

When that Light
Is Extinguished
With It Goes
All Hope For Peace

And we will Live
In Darkness
Though Appearance
Will Be Light

Of False-Veneered
To Those Who
Deem What’s Right

So Be Now Bold
Let Truth Be Told
Regardless of

Of Course, Be Kind,
But Speak Your Mind,
False Inhibition

And Over Time
T’won’t be A Crime
To Say What’s
In Your Heart

But Action Now
Is Needed, and
Today’s The Time
To Start.