Recently I’ve been thinking about some of the times in my life when I started something new, felt some initial discomfort, and decided too early to abandon that course.  I think that happens to a lot of people and, looking back now,  I wish I’d persevered a bit longer then.

Maybe it would have been right, maybe not, but at least I’d know for sure.

A lot of people I speak with these days want to change something in their lives, so maybe this short, very quickly penned poem might help. Remember: You’re not a failure unless you don’t try.  Getting to where you know you should be requires faith that it’s there, and effort to get through the fog until you can see it.

And if you’ve hit the wall, don’t see any light in your darkness and think you’re alone and it’s over, it’s not.

We’re all a little too isolated these days. Everyone’s stressed, and in that state of overwhelm many of us have forgotten that we should, and can, help one another just by being human.

Sometimes you just need to talk it out, so find a friend.  And if you can’t,  drop me a line.  I’m easy to find, always here to listen and, hopefully, even help.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Push Through

Don’t Stop at First
Resistance Found
And Say
It’s Not For Me”

For if you Falter
at Shorebreak
You’ll Never
Cross the Sea

The first Push Back
That You Do Feel
Small Problem
You must Solve

Is often Trial
Set by Fate
To Measure
Your Resolve

Push Through,
Push Through,
I say Push Through
If Yearn for Distant Shore

If Hear inside
In Whispered Night
I could be
So much more

Push Through,
I say Push Through
If Voice Inside won’t Cease

Push Through,
I say Push Through
For That’s your
Path to Peace






©2022 Larry Mannino