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“The Reminder” – A Quick Poem About Your Life

I Choose to be Fat
I Choose to be Thin
I Choose to Lose
I Choose to Win

I Choose to Sleep
I Choose to Wake
I Choose the Path
My Life Does Take

Yes, I Choose Sick
Or I Choose Health
The Same Applies
To Poor or Wealth

I Choose to Love
I Choose to Hate
I Choose How I
Desires Sate

I Choose my Life
I Choose my Death
I Choose More Years
Or Soon, Last Breath

I Choose Do Now,
Or Choose to Wait
In Doing So,
I Choose My Fate


Squirrel Wisdom: A Very Brief Meditation on Change

A squirrel came bounding toward me just now. I noticed him and he me, and he stopped.

For a brief moment we stared at each other, frozen. Then I saw him decide.

He spun and bolted off, disappearing into the bushes. I saw him re-emerge on the other side of our small pond. He made his fast, agile way through the plantings and rocks. I watched as he bounded, equally happy and energetic, across the bright sunny lawn toward whatever came next.

If he’d had an initial path in mind, some plan or intent, it ended when we met. Even though it is Autumn, and every moment of preparation now critical to his survival through the long Winter, he did not panic. He did not slink off sadly or bolt blindly in fear or even stop and ponder when his plan – his path – unexpectedly changed.

No, instead he just kept moving in a new and unexpected direction. And this kept him safe.