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Stopping Prohibited at All Times...Unless you really want to.

Stopping Prohibited at All Times…Unless you really want to.

This morning before work, I went on my first ride of the season – biking, that is. Last year, I didn’t bike very much, but last year was a hard year in a lot of ways. In retrospect, maybe I should’ve biked more.

Anyway, it’s a crunch week at work – crazy, really – so when I woke up this morning and felt a warm day, and saw little breeze, it seemed like a no brainer to go sweat for a bit.  So I did.

All things being equal, it wasn’t a bad first ride; apparently, my devotion to Kettleworx is paying off. But in years past, when I rode in the mornings, it used to always be with a cup or two of coffee in the system as fuel.

Today was the first ride without.  And I figured it would be tough.

Funny thing was, it wasn’t.  I told myself as I started off that I’d take it easy – no world records today.  And, actually, I kept that approach throughout the 18-mile loop.  I’ve been ‘taking time to smell the roses’ a bit more lately, and today was no different.  I felt that I was keeping up a good pace, but I was certainly noticing all kinds of details.

The smell of flowers, and of cut grass and soil by the vineyards.  The way the light threw shadows across the road.  The flat stillness of old asphalt when there were no cars around, and the sun hit it just right. Heck, I even rescued my first box turtle of the season.

I wasn’t slacking – far from it – but I was enjoying things that, in the past, I’d sped by.  The little, and important things.  Was it just due to coffee in my bloodstream?  Not wholly, no.  But it was due to the lifestyle that required that type of fuel, and blurred perspective.

It was actually pretty productive – copywriters work everywhere, and I’m no different.  Came home with 4 new concepts for 2 different clients.  Plus an idea for a short story (the writer never sleeps, either).

When I was speeding through life, this rarely happened.  Always push push push.

Funny thing was,as I arced into my driveway, popped off the saddle and  checked my time, I was right there with some of my best.  Ever.

Go figure.